Asia Education Foundation

About us

Asia Education Foundation Limited ( "AEF" ) was established with the strong belief that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. AEF was founded in 2006 and granted charitable status by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department in October 2008. It was set up to provide scholarship funds to destitute students for their university tuition fees. Our efforts are currently focused on China, a country where not all young outstanding students can afford attend to university.

Currently AEF is supported administratively by professionals donating their time free of charge. This means that all the money donated to AEF reaches the universities selected to sponsor individual students.


Our aim is to improve the lives of talented and hardworking, yet underprivileged students, by helping them to receive a tertiary education in China. The option to attend university may not be open to outstanding students unless they are able to afford the tuition fees. We hope our donations will allow their dream of university to be realised and help to alleviate some of the hardships suffered by their families.

AEF hopes that the opportunities given to these young adults will instill in them an appreciation and desire to help others, thus extending far beyond the original scholarship students. To this end, we request that scholarship students pledge that they will, upon their graduation, try their very best to donate in a similar way and enable other students who have financial difficulties further their studies by attending university.

Encouraging young adults to help others is one of the messages AEF would like to spread. By helping scholarship students and developing a channel for them to further assist other students, we believe that this message will be well received by the main target group of this scholarship - the young adults of Asia.

Let's give them hope; let's give them a meaningful future!

President and Honourary Treasurer

Dr. Uther E. Charlton-Stevens

MA(Oxon.), MSc(LSE), DPhil(Oxon.)

Uther grew up in Hong Kong, and completed his schooling there at Peak School and Island School, before proceeding to Mansfield College, Oxford, where he read Modern History. He obtained his Masters degree with distinction in global history at the Economic History Department of the London School of Economics, before returning to Oxford to complete his doctorate at St. Edmund Hall in South Asian History. Uther has been a Guest Teacher at the London School of Economics and a Senior Lecturer on global economic history at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Uther speaks Mandarin Chinese and Russian and has given lectures and Seminar presentations in India, China, Russia, Britain and Australia. He has a passionate interest in Asia and Asiatic Russia and is a member of the Oriental Club and the Royal Society for Asian Affairs in London. He is committed to education, to spreading its benefits and to the public sharing of knowledge with people of all ages.


Thanks are especially due to:
Maren S. Leizaola
Karen To
Kestrel Lam